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JACK & DAN'S | 1226 N Hamilton St, Spokane, WA 99202 | (509) 487-6546




About Jack & Dan's

Jack & Dan’s began as a “Spirits Emporium” during prohibition in 1932. The original moniker, according to local historians, was “Louie’s Snappie Service”! Anyone who could afford a phone call and was within a 2 mi. radius, could get a “bucket of suds” delivered via motorcycle to their home. The cost of the one or two-gallon pail of suds is unknown.

Mr. Tonani then sold his business to a Mr. Cole, who purchased it from Louie in 1935. Mr. Cole was a kind and gentle man who maintained he was the only “one-armed bartender west of Chicago!” He sold the business to the famous Joey August in the middle 1940s and it became known as Joey’s until 1975.

From the mid-1940s, Joey August operated the pub until he sold the business to his brother Frank. After a couple of years of ownership, Frank sold to Frank Garcia who ran the pub for 6 years. Ernie Pupo became the business owner for another 7 years.

In January 1961, the tavern was purchased by Jack Stockton. 15 months later, Jack became partners with lifelong friend, Dan Crowley III. Together, they ran “Joey’s” for roughly 14 years before they finally changed the name forever to “Jack & Dan’s”.

Enter one Jeffrey Donald Condill who, in 1991, bought out Dan Crowley’s share of the business and has been a full partner ever since.

In 1995, Kevin MacDonald started working at the tavern. In 2006, Jack Stockton sold his half of the business to Kevin and he has been a full partner since.
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